pondelok 11. decembra 2017

Letter to the future

My crazy roommate/soulmate/one of the best person I’ve met made me Advent calendar. Not normal one. One with challenges. Every day instead of something sweet (sweet is there too) I have challenge and I have to do it. On 8 December there was Write a letter to your five year older self.

During my travel to work I was thinking what to say to myself. Five years is quite a long time. At work, during my break I was rolling facebook and there was Memories of this day. In those I found my status from 2012. In the exact moment I was reading it, I realize how extraordinary for me 8 December is. Five years ago I forgot who I am. I don`t believe in coincidence. This challenge should happened on this exact day. And I want to thank to Mima for making this calendar for me. I know that I am complaining every day about those challenges and how I am not in the mood for them, but I am thankful for time, she spent by making it, for challenges in it, for challenges which remind me who I am and what is important in life.
So after my long day in work, deadly tired, I came home, I took paper and pen and I started to write letter for future me. What is in there I won`t tell, not now at least. Today I am the only person who knows it, few months from now I won`t remember what exactly I wrote and few years from now, the only thing I will remember, will be to open it on 8 December 2022.
But important thing is, what I realize when I was writing that letter. It doesn`t matter what you will write, it doesn`t matter if you want family with three kids, professional growing or million on your account (dammit, I knew I forgot something), that letter always mean one thing. Hope. Hope that whatever is going on in your life right now, it get better. And you can have amazing life (despite of everything, I have amazing life). You will always have a hope that you will grow every single day. It is in our nature to grow.
So I have just two advice for you today.
First. Write letters to your future self. Stop for a moment and look around. Realize where you are right now and what you have and write a letter. It doesn`t matter what you will write in it. It doesn`t matter if you wanna be a celebrity or have a village house with garden. It doesn’t matter if you will write just three words or three pages. Just write a letter and your future self will be glad few years from now.
Second. Don`t take life too serious. Even if your dream is to be chief of earth (sorry, position occupied by me and my co/chief ♥). Enjoy the little things. Enjoy snowflakes and first flowers in spring. Work hard on your goals, on yourself, but don`t forgot to enjoy life, because one day you will open that letter you wrote years ago and you realize that those years are gone.
I realize that when I read my status. Five years passed and even if I did write it`s over, I was carrying everything all that time.
Last thing today. Mima thank you. Thank you because that small paper with challenge remind me so much.

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